Blood Moon Tracker


Click Add to add more shards and Delete to remove them. Server On /
Server Off is a toggle for showing you the average times as set by other users.

As you check Dead Hero and/or Takofanes times in the game, enter them by
clicking on the timers "-----" for the appropriate shard and set them
accordingly. You can also click the Dead Hero's name to reset the timer to 30
minutes (and Takofanes' to 120 minutes).

The background color of the heroes will start to turn red (brighter and
brighter) as their final 4 minutes count down. (It's actually the final 255
seconds to make the math easy.) This gives you a nice indicator of where to
go next.

The times you enter are submitted to the server and the aggregated averages
(minus outliers) are used to populate the timers for other users. Once you
set a timer you will only see your value until it resets.

Dead Hero and Takofanes spawn point map (cowiki)

WildCards Unrepentant

Blood Moon Tracker helps track the Champions Online™ Blood Moon event
Brought to you by the WildCards Super Group, a branch of Unrepentant, the great and pants-less gaming community